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The Passing of Ken Leach

Phoenix, Arizona— Ken Leach passed from this life on Saturday, January 5. Only 16 days earlier he had been diagnosed with brain cancer.  Even two intervening surgeries were not enough to save his life.  On January 4, he was admitted to a hospice with white columns and hardwood floors, reminiscent of the homes in Indiana, where he was born .  I remember well a private conversation he and I shared 35 years past.  He wanted to preach.  Such a decision, of course, is ultimately made between a man’s own soul and the God who made him.  Like Matthew, Ken’s world had been the world of finance, and like Matthew, Ken left that world to do something far better. We need banks, but we need God more.  Like Paul, who described his preaching as a grace given to him from God, that same grace was given unto Ken.  Preaching is never a decision we make on our own.   Because of Ken, many lives were touched and many became Christians.  He played basketball, but most of all, he had a buoyant sense of humor.  On the behalf of his family, I ask for your prayers.

“Good night sweet prince:
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

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