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The Passing of Jay Bowman

Lubbock, TX— Jay Bowman, a very good friend and brother, passed away on May 27, 2015. He was 78.  Years ago, he came to Odessa, TX to preach at a small church and like Peter who left fishing behind, Jay left the school system behind. Indeed, he even spent his retirement monies (either all or a portion of it on the Loeb library), at least, the books with Greek on one page and English on the other. He loved studying. I have never known anyone in academia on any level who grasped the notion of language better than did Jay. I found him to be a quiet and humble man; whatever the reason, I suspect that few people ever realized the depth of his understanding. I remember his acts of kindness toward me and toward others. May God bless his family and those who attended his final resting— Dee Bowman and Nathan Fritz.

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