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The Passing of George T. Eldridge

Seffner, Florida— George T.  Eldridge passed away at home on Wednesday, February 16.  He and I were life-long friends for almost 50 years.  I never knew a man more generous or more devoted to the cause of God.  He was special. He was unusual.  He was a character unique and memorable.  He was, in fact, The Reader’s Digest: My Most Unforgettable Character.  In a very real sense, I owe this man my life.  He remembered me when life came crashing in on all sides and the whole world walked out. I will miss you, George.  I will miss you deeply.  On the behalf of his wife, Lilly, and his family, I ask for your prayers.

Oh, God, remember him for the good he has done. Remember him for the cause he held dear. Remember him for my sake. Remember him for good. I pray thee. I pray thee. In the name of Christ, Amen

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