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The Passing of Donald Willis

Conroe, Texas— Donald F. Wills died on his birthday.  He turned 77 on February 9, 2011.  He had preached for some 59 years and brought many, many people to God.  During his tenure at one church, he baptized 180 people.  Two of the ministers who spoke at his funeral had been baptized by him.  On one night he baptized some 20 soldiers before they left for combat.

Don came from a very unusual family in east Texas: four brothers, all of whom became preachers of God— Cecil, Don, Lewis, Mike.   Once you had met Don, he always knew you, and even before you had met him, he always knew you.  He preached the word of the Lord, but even more important, he lived the word of the Lord.  He loved God.  He loved people.

After he had died, his family found a note he had left for them at home.  “Remember me,” the note said.

On the behalf of his family, and his two brothers, Lewis and Mike, we ask for your remembrance and for  your prayers.

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