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Pondern’ — my tree

My Tree

Surrounded by a beauty,
Unnoticed and unappreciated—

RED birds are redder in East Texas than any other place in the world —- skies are bluer than elsewhere. There is such a lot of beauty around us where ever we live in our Father’s world. I love to look at a handsome man, a beautiful woman, an angelic child’s face. And one of the most beautiful things around is my tree. I don’t brag about my house, but oh, my tree! It is 168 inches around. It has a limb span of 90 feet. It is the biggest tree of its kind in the county. (I have a plaque to prove it).

It must be hundreds of years old. And if it could only talk. Maybe Indians camped beneath it. Or maybe a pioneer family picniced in the shade of my tree. Maybe even a cattle rustler was hanged from it. My tree has scars from abuse. It has wrinkles from age. It has broken limbs from the storms, but it has survived and is a wondrous thing of size and beauty.

We have lived in barren county where we had no trees. We have lived where we had only skinny, spindly trees –but this tree is a work of art!

Thank you, Father, for my tree. Truly said that “poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.” And then remember all those other blessings that only God can give.

Bible Comments, 8, a publication by Joe Fitch originally intended for distribution among small congregations in Texas.
Used here by kind permission.

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