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Spurgeon: God Answers Prayer

“I will help thee, saith the Lord.”
Isaiah 41:14

This morning let us listen
as the Lord speaks to each of us: “I will help thee.”

It is a small thing for me to help you. I am the Lord God.
Consider, for a moment, what I have already done on your very behalf.

Not help you? I bought you with my own blood.

Not help you? I died for you. If I have done the greatest that could ever be done, will I not do the less? You have asked. I have promised.

Not help you? Your request is the least I will ever do for you. I have done much, much more, and will do much, much more for you before your life is over. Indeed, before the world began, I choose you. I even made a sacred promise with you. I laid aside my glory in heaven and became man for you. I gave up my life for you.

If I have done all of this, certainly I will help you now. And in helping you now, I am giving you what was already done ages before you were even born. If you needed my help a thousand times more than you need me now, I would give you such help. I am the Lord God.

What you require is so little to what I am ready to bestow. It may be hard for you to be in need, but it is nothing for me to grant my graciousness on you.

Help you? Do not be anxious. If an ant at the door of a granary pleaded for help, and only a handful of grain were given to that ant, the abundance of the granary would be left untouched. You are like that ant. I am the Lord God. I have heard you. I will help you.

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