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Ponder’n — to see or not to see

To See or Not to See

Children imitate what they see
and what they hear

SCRIPTURE and common sense both tell us there are things children should not see. Our entertainment industry has been pressured to label some programs as ?not recommended for children.? Violence, sex, vulgar language, lewdness, nakedness –is not good fare for adults, much less for children in their formative years.
Scripture and common sense both tell us there are things children should see —because they are imitators. Children need to see Dad bowed in prayer; Mom with an open Bible, reading and applying it.

Children need, to feel and see love and consideration at home. Daddy often said, “You kids get up and get it; your legs are younger than Mama‘s.” We recognized this as consideration for Mama. Children need the example of Dad, opening the door for Mom, of everyone getting up to carry in groceries (these are not Mom‘s groceries —kids help eat them).

Children need to hear positive things, like,

“You can do it!’

“I believe in you.”

‘I know you‘ll tell me the truth.”

And children desperately need discipline that says to the child, “I care about you and what you do.” Children need to feel the power of loving touches —to see Grandmother‘s faith handed down to another generation. Most important of all points, children need to see Christ living in me.

Bible Comments, 4, a publication by Joe Fitch originally intended for distribution among small congregations in Texas.
Used here by kind permission.

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