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My Trip to Georgia



Mi viaje a Georgia—

And I was unknown by face,
to the churches. . . 

AS SHOWN in the article masthead, one of the beautiful things we admired in Jonesboro are the big trees in the houses. Those pine, oak and walnut trees are giants. But what we appreciated most was the warm reception, the great appreciation  the brethren showed us.  Brother Neil Coleman and his wife Sarah came to the airport to greet us. Although they are both up in years, they both enjoy walking (that evening after dinner we went for a walk on the streets) and Brother Neil, who is 77 years young, likes to bike long distances.

Since that day, May 7, was our first trip to Jonesboro, GA and get this great Atlanta airport, where hundreds of people came and went, you might ask, how did you to recognize?. Quite simply,  brother Neil came up with having in his hand a sign in large letters: SPENCER and my signal that I gave was that I be wearing a white cap and blue shirt and a tall young fellow of about 6 feet, our son Omar. It was easy to find, but to get to where they were outside the security area, we had to walk about 5 miles from getting off  the plane. The meeting was of great rejoicing and immediately traveled in their car about 25 miles south of Atlanta to get home.

That afternoon, two sisters who spoke some Spanish and the preacher Ron Edwards with his wife came and enjoyed an excellent dinner. Brother Edwards immediately put me in contact by phone with the young Stephen and his parents  so we could invite them to our church services the following day. They had been inquiring if the brethren could lend them the building to hold meetings with Spanish speaking people. Stephen’s father is a pastor of a Pentecostal or Assembly of God church. It seems that our visit was timely because that afternoon I spoke to Stephen in Spanish and we invited him to come the next day to meet us personally and they did. Stephen and his parents attended the Sunday morning church service and we had a good meeting and exchanged addresses to continue studying the word of God. After the interview, the brothers Ron and Neil made ?Stephen aware that they could not let them use the building to hold meetings because they believe in using musical instruments in worship among other things. But we invited them to continue coming to study more of the Word of God..

 On Sunday, our brother Ron to introduce me to the assembly said in the words of Galatians 1:22: “And was unknown by face unto the churches of Galatia” – And what the apostle John: “… because I hope to come to you and talk face to face, that our joy may be full. “(II John 12).

Such was the case with your servant. The church in Jonesboro, GA has had fellowship with me in preaching the gospel for over 18 years without knowing me in person, only in pictures and my reports. The two sermons I preached that day were: Honor to the mothers and The Truth (La Verdad) using the projector and transparencies. We were very happy because in the afternoon was also attended by brother, Richard E. Baca, who had recommended  me to the church in Jonesboro. Thank God we had great joy.

The next day we returned very thankful that God gave us the blessing to meet our brothers in Jonesboro and for the hospitality we received.


—Roberto V. Spencer

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