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Ponderin’: abc


I whispered to our two-year old,
“Where did you get the gum?”

Ithought we had done pretty well that Sunday morning.  We sat on the back pew of the little church building in West Texas so we wouldn’t disturb anyone, my little ones and I. We arrived in good shape. Our faces were clean, our shoes were polished, and our pants were dry. Worship began. (God knows the effort it takes, especially when you are outnumbered.) I tended to the baby, bowed my head, and closed my eyes.

When I looked up, I saw that my two year old was chewing— and thoroughly enjoying a mouth full of gum. I whispered, “Where did you get the gum?” With her eyes dancing, she took her little index finger and pointed up under the pew where we were sitting. She had discovered a treasure —–a stash—-wads of gum— Already Been Chewed and full of germs!

The only way to rid ourselves of a vice, a sin, or a bad habit, is to completely give it up! The people in Acts 19:18,19, practiced sorcery and magic. They became Christians, and burned their magic books so they could not return to a heathen practice. Their example of determination inspires us to do whatever needs to be done to save ourselves from evil. Throw away a phone number —- change jobs —- move to another neighborhood — avoid an old influence— “flee from the devil” because he wants your soul.

We must not shoot ourselves in the foot by saving “little wads” just in case the craving returns!

Bible Comments, 14, a publication by Joe Fitch originally intended for distribution among small congregations in Texas.
Used here by kind permission.

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