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Did you think of him?


Did you think of him?—

We must never forget, even for a moment.

 And he took bread, and gave thanks,
This do in remembrance of me—Luke 22: 19

IT IS at this point in our service that we have dedicated to partake the Lord’s Supper and memorialize Jesus and the incredible sacrifice that He made for us. When you are focusing on this memorial, which aspect of Jesus’ life do you think about? Which aspect makes you feel the magnitude of this incredible gift to us?

Do you think about His miraculous birth?
Do you think about the terrible act that Herod perpetrated after Jesus’ birth, yet Jesus’ life was spared?
Do you think about His youth studying, learning, and ultimately teaching the word of God?
Do you think about His baptism and subsequent triumph over Satan after being tempted by him?
Do you think of His ministry, and all the people that he taught God’s Word, all the people that he helped, and all the people that he miraculously cured?
Do you think of His final moments of freedom that He spent intently speaking with His Father?
Do you think of His ultimate betrayal by one of His chosen men and the subsequent bogus trial in which He was sentenced to death?
Do you think of His brutal torture and humiliation before the march to the cross?
Do you think of Jesus getting nailed to that cross, and lifted high to slowly die in front of His loved ones?
Do you think of His death after all that terrible agony, and the darkness that fell over the earth when he died, and the veil of the temple being torn in two?
Do you think of Jesus being prepared for burial and sealed in the tomb?
Do you think of the resurrection of Jesus three days later, justifying His death, and fulfilling all the prophecies spoken of Him?

And finally, do you think of yourself, do I think of myself, and the fact that all of our sins are what put Him on that cross?


You see, there have been plenty of people throughout history that have accomplished mighty and great things. There have been plenty of people that are worthy of grand memorials and days of remembrance and holiday. But, there has only been one perfect man that has ever walked this earth. One perfect man who died a terrible death, but in doing so, sacrificed His life for our redemption. It is this reason and so many more that we memorialize Jesus now, but
never keep Him far from our thoughts. Praise God for this amazing gift!

Prayer for Bread
Dear God, we come before You now completely humbled, Lord. When we think of Jesus’ life, and the magnitude of His sacrifice, we are so thankful to You for this gift. Please, Lord, bless this bread, and help us to focus on what this gift means to us as Christians now and every day, Lord. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Prayer for Cup
Dear Lord, we come before You again, just awestruck at this gift. We are so sorry that you had to do this for us, Lord, but we are so thankful and grateful that you did. Please, Lord, bless this fruit of the vine and help us to stay focused on You while we partake and when we go back into the world. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Dusty Travis

Based on a talk on the Lord’s Supper, August 30, 2015.
Church of Christ, Valley Congregation (Phoenix, AZ).

Used here by kind permission.