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Ponderin’ — There is a difference

The difference is Jesus

A female gives birth,
A mother lovingly tends and nourishes her child—

THE Bible class for interested females begins in five minutes,” they announce. “The one for males will be next.” I shuddered at the way they announced these when we had Bible classes in the jail. It seems so “stark” or “crude” to be referred to as a female or a male. It seems so unfriendly to be a hunk of flesh or a piece of meat. It says nothing of the person living inside— the true person.

There is a difference in us. A “female” gives birth, but it is a “mother” who lovingly tends and nourishes her child. A “male” may sire a baby, but a “father” provides and instructs. Just words, you say? I think not. What man wants to marry a “female?” Not many. Most would rather marry a “lady!” This has absolutely nothing to do with social rank or financial standing. It has to do with who we are.

The simple difference is the influence of Jesus. The plight of womankind has been elevated wherever the Gospel has gone. Life in any form is held dearer because of His teachings.

Emily Post may tell us which side of the plate to put our fork and spoon, but this is not true refinement. It is Jesus who can make a lady of a female or cause a male to become a gentleman. Living by Christian principles, we become the most caring and mannerly people in the world. As we refine the person who lives inside, we are not only growing in grace, but we are well on our way to “growing to heaven.”

Bible Comments, 23, a publication by Joe Fitch originally intended for distribution among small congregations in Texas.
Used here by kind permission. —

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